One of the leading tests the lie detection test is gaining popularity in the recent days due to the rising number of crimes and fraud cases and people are also trying their best to get answers within a very short time and the answers must be the appropriate ones. Though this test is not legalized under the Government of many countries, some countries have made it legal to check a person up to the certain limitations on the basis of the report that is decided by the test. Let us see how one of the most renowned companies in Ireland has been successful in this goal.

lie detector tests


This company from Ireland is the most reputed one because of the verified results it hands over to the client. The reputation of the company is well valued for years because they treat each and every case with utmost care, some professional tricks, empathy,and confidentiality. The help can be accessed by anyone. The process is not much time taking and the series of the examinations are also very well formulated to give their best results. Try to gather more information and book for any of the services by logging on to

There are in fact many companies that are dealing with such tests as well. But only a very few of them are so ethical that they are not involved in any kind of fraud. The policy of this company is not to disclose the test results to any stranger. As the process ends with the handling of the reports, the case is closed. Moreover, the values of the company are passionate towards both the client and his partner. Every human being commits some or the other crime, but all we need to do is to forgive him and give him a proper counseling as to never repeat the same in future.

The company takes up to 2 to 3 hours to complete a test.  Moreover, it places about 4 to 6 sensors on the body of the test taker. This is a very important criterion that distinguishes it from several other companies offering a similar test. Moreover, the test follows the norms as decided by the judicial system of the country. It takes into consideration the police caption that reads “Taking the Mystery out of the Polygraph Test” which is a mandatory option to be followed during the test. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act which emphasizes the guidelines to be followed by private examiners before taking a lie detector test is also respected. Moreover, the examiners are strict with the idea of checking the criminal background of the person before fixing any blame on him.


  1. The Polygraph tests have proved to be successful in 90% of the cases and further controversies have been removes relating to this.But, at the same time, critics say that the lie detector tests are accurate only up to 65%.
  2. Now the next controversy comes regarding the probability of the test. Critics claim that the lie Detector has a 50/50 chance of finding the actual results.In response to this, the examiners claim that when computers are used the result has 100% accuracy.
  3. New studies even claim that if about 10000 people are made to undergo a test about 1600 people fail to pass the test.
  4. MRI is an important technology that is being used in polygraph these days which increase the probability of the test and is supposed to increase the probability by 15%.

So far it can be hoped that you have gained an idea of how useful the equipment can be in dealing with the cases. Whatever the case may be, never be in fear of the outcomes. Knowing the truth of a situation is of utmost importance. Many people fear to go for such detection tests because they are worried about losing reputation in the society or spoiling the relationship forever. But, the company can assure that it will never make the conditions get o worsened as to end up relationships. They value the person and will try the best to console them.

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